Water damage is one of the most difficult problems that any homeowner or business owner can face. Whether it is from a small spill, a flood or a burst pipe, water damage can cause immediate damage and long term harm to your property and your health.
Water damage can immerse carpets, as well as causing floors and drywall to warp and crack. If the water accumulates upstairs, it can put weight on the ceiling below it, sometimes resulting in collapse. If left unattended, or if not treated fast and thoroughly, it can cause spreading of mold which can be extremely difficult to eliminate, and can cause many health issues. Mold remediation is best handled by a professional.
The first step in any water damage cleanup is water extraction, which includes removing the excess or standing water. This can be done with towels, a wet-dry vacuum, or in more extreme cases, submersible or powered pumps. 24/7 Emergency Cleanup teams will have all the equipment needed for any type of water extraction. Once the water is out, all surfaces will need to be dried completely before any repair work on the property can be done. Our teams will use fans, blowers, air movers, and dehumidifiers around the affected area. Our trained professionals will check any crawlspaces for evidence of water damage. Once dry, all carpets, flooring, and drywall surfaces that were affected will be cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized. Carpets will be taken up to be cleaned and any wet padding will be thrown out and replaced.