Commercial Mold Removal and Remediation

Have you found or do you suspect a mold problem in a commercial building you own? The thought of doing commercial mold removal and remediation can be so stressful, but it’s so much better to get rid of it than to leave the problem for later.
Call us whenever you need or suspect you need commercial mold removal and remediation. We are here for you and we will help you find all of your mold, get rid of it, and fix your building so it’s back to normal and the problem doesn’t happen again.
We’ll start by finding out the extent of your mold problem. We’ll look everywhere where there has been or might have been water, since that’s usually the source of any mold problem. We’ll leave no stone unturned to ensure we get all of your mold out.
We’ll also help you get the water problem fixed so your mold doesn’t come back. Our plumbing contacts are some of the best in the business.
Once that’s done, we’ll isolate the area and spray it down to suppress any dust, so your mold problem doesn’t spread. We’ll remove anything that is wet, moldy, or so porous that we can’t effectively test it for mold. We’ll also discard all of these in ways that keep the mold from spreading.
Finally, we’ll clean any possibly-affected areas with chemicals that will kill any mold particles that are left. Then, we’ll help you rebuild your structure, so it is sound, serves your purposes, and is mold-free.