Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Has your company recently suffered fire damage? At 24/7 Emergency Cleanup Inc., we’ll take on your commercial fire damage restoration and get everything back just the way you need it to be. No matter what has happened or what state your building is in, we’ll restore it so you can get back to work as soon as possible.
The first thing we’ll do is assess the damage. Fire damages different buildings differently, depending on the type of fire, the cause of the fire, whether your building was the main location of the fire, and more. We’ll go through your building step-by-step, documenting the damage we find so we can come up with a comprehensive plan for your commercial fire damage restoration. We will test each room or space for smoke and soot damage, then report our results to you.
We’ll remove anything that has been damaged by the fire but that is salvageable. That way, it won’t sit in smoke and soot any longer than it has to. We’ll clean the air so that the smoky smell is gone and you can breathe easily again. We’ll also make sure we remove any dangerous particles that you might not be able to smell, but that could make it harder for you and your family to breathe.
Finally, we will help you replace anything that cannot be restored. This includes flooring, walls, furniture, and more. Once everything is in place, we’ll bring your salvageable furniture back in and get you ready to start working again. Fire damage can feel overwhelming. Instead of stressing, though, call 24/7 Emergency Cleanup Inc. for your commercial fire damage restorationtoday.